Come to see, listen and discover the extraordinary lives of the Grand Duke Gian Gastone and his sister, Anna Maria Luisa, the Electress of the Palatinate, who signed the “Family Pact” (October 31, 1737) with the Lorena family, transferring to them the Medici artistic patrimony “under the condition expressed that it would serve as an ornament of the State, to be used by the public and to attract foreign visitors, but never to be transported or removed from the Capital, and the Grand Duke’s State.” As it still is today.

1737: here we are, inside Palazzo Pitti, where the Grand Duke lies on his deathbed, still unable to forgive his sister Anna Maria Luisa – widow of Johann Wilhelm II, the Elector of the Palatinate – for arranging his disastrous marriage to Anna Maria Franziska of Saxe-Lauenburg. Nevertheless, Anna Maria Luisa sneaks through a secret passageway into her brother’s room and her encounter with him initiates a tumultuous flashback of their glorious family history and its fundamental cultural, artistic, scientific, spiritual contributions to society. And the future of its patrimony.

A show that skillfully blends history and traditional customs – the result of extensive historical and bibliographical researches – with modern technology (digital video projections and reanimations).

The Renaissance, war, conspiracy, exile, love, betrayal, courtship, political matrimonies, history, Lorenzo the Magnificent, Savonarola and his political-religious dictatorship, the Medici popes, Caterina de’ Medici and the French Monarchy, Cosimo II, Galileo … it’s all there!
The Medici Dynasty Show is a journey back in time.

Stage Design & videomapping : Stefano Fake & The Fake Factory

MediciDynasty-Borrelli-18 MediciDynasty-Borrelli-19 MediciDynasty-Borrelli-20 MediciDynasty-Borrelli-21 MediciDynasty-Borrelli-22 MediciDynasty-Borrelli-23 MediciDynasty-Borrelli-24 MediciDynasty-Borrelli-25 MediciDynasty-Borrelli-26 MediciDynasty-Borrelli-27 MediciDynasty-Borrelli-28 MediciDynasty-Borrelli-29 MediciDynasty-Borrelli-30 MediciDynasty-Borrelli-32 MediciDinasty-Agus-94 MediciDynasty-Borrelli-01 MediciDynasty-Borrelli-02 MediciDynasty-Borrelli-03 MediciDynasty-Borrelli-04 MediciDynasty-Borrelli-05 MediciDynasty-Borrelli-06 MediciDynasty-Borrelli-07 MediciDynasty-Borrelli-08 MediciDynasty-Borrelli-09 MediciDynasty-Borrelli-10 MediciDynasty-Borrelli-11 MediciDynasty-Borrelli-12 MediciDynasty-Borrelli-13 MediciDynasty-Borrelli-15 MediciDynasty-Borrelli-16 MediciDynasty-Borrelli-17 MediciDinasty-Agus-66 MediciDinasty-Agus-78 MediciDinasty-Agus-186 MediciDinasty-Agus-194 MediciDinasty-Agus-207 MediciDinasty-Agus-211 MediciDinasty-Agus-213 MediciDinasty-Agus-218 MediciDinasty-Agus-219 MediciDinasty-Agus-237 MediciDinasty-Agus-269 MediciDinasty-Agus-284 MediciDinasty-Agus-294 MediciDinasty-Agus-307 MediciDinasty-Agus-316 MediciDinasty-Agus-127 MediciDinasty-Agus-135 MediciDinasty-Agus-145 MediciDinasty-Agus-148 MediciDinasty-Agus-166 MediciDinasty-Agus-173 MediciDinasty-Agus-180


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