Stefano Fake is a new media artist and director born in Italy in 1971. 

Currently he lives and works in Florence and Milan. 

Within his studio – THE FAKE FACTORY – he has designed, directed 

and created some of the most significative immersive multimedia art experiences 

exhibited in prestigious museums and art galleries worldwide.

An immersive art experience is a form of art which uses multimedia languages and multisensory tools to immerse the viewer inside the artwork, with a development in space and time determined by an audio-visual storytelling. 

Its main feature is the experimental use of cutting-edge technology as an artistic tool with the purpose of creating transformative spatial experience.

The tools in the hands of the digital artist are:

the space, the light, the visual dramaturgy, the soundtrack, the audience.

Each of these elements is fundamental and must have the same balance in the creation process.

The creation of an immersive art experience is an interdisciplinary process. 

We need to mix together other disciplines such as cinema, fine art, sculpture, graphic design, architecture, sound design, music, light art, literature. To be an artist is not a matter of making videos or multimedia artworks at all. 

What we are really dealing with is the visitors state of consciousness

and the shape of their perceptions. (Stefano Fake)

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