Spark Arena Auckland New Zealand


Motion Graphic Animations: MONOGRID

Original Music: Alex Braga

Production & Distribution : CROSSMEDIA GROUP – FLORENCE (ITALY)

Have you ever experienced the sensation of being inside a painting painted by a great master of the past? Since art and technology came together thanks to the digital revolution, a new form of artistic expression has attracted the attention of the public, winning millions of visitors around the world, from France to Italy, from the United States to China. The ingredients of this success are probably the great video projections accompanied by exciting soundtracks, but this is not enough to explain the phenomenon. As Stefano Fake, one of the major international authors of immersive digital experiences and director of this new edition of DALI’ – IMMERSIVE ART EXPERIENCE, Writes, “it is not simply a matter of making films that surround the viewer, but of creating a path that stimulates the visitor’s mind and senses and transports him to a new sensorial and aesthetic experience never experienced before. The object of our research as digital artists is precisely the set of sensations that the public experiences within the multimedia artwork”.

This is why the authors like to define them as “experiences” rather than “exhibitions”, a term with which we refer to traditional exhibitions. Fake continues: “The great digital revolution that characterises our age is changing not only the way we live every day, but also the way we experience aesthetic experiences and art in particular.”

The installations of these multimedia artists operate a re-location of the art of the past in a present exhibition space that allows you to see those same works in a new, contemporary light, creating new interpretative and experiential paths.

The immersive exhibition also presents for the first time in New Zealand one of the most iconic installation of contemporary immersive art: The ImmersiveMirrorRoom created by the Italian artist Stefano Fake in his THE FAKE FACTORY laboratory.




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