A.N.S. (Ambienti di Nuova Sensibilità)

Created by The Fake Factory  (Limonaia di Villa Strozzi, Firenze, Italy, 2002) the A.N.S. is an immersive video/light art installation.

Since 2001, The Fake Factory has explored the computer’s potential to create both virtual and physical art forms that embrace the concept of space.

Through the use of immersion, interaction, and manipulation of both virtual and physical space, The Fake Factory has created powerful aesthetic environments that enable audiences to experience alternative realities. Immersive installations satisfy the viewer’s inherent desire to escape physical reality and become part of the art experience itself.



We often think of physical space as a three dimensional entity that exists between objects. Although this entity may contain “nothing” but air, we conceive of it as physically definable, malleable, and constructible. We experience sensations in space and define our perception of the world by our relationship to space. One must feel immersed in the space and physically a part of it. Sensory immersion is fundamental to our relationship with the natural environment. Capitalizing on the psychological power of immersion, THE FAKE FACTORY creates immersive spaces that enable the audience to escape to other realms and experience genuine emotional responses.

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